Talkie Tooter Canada is now closed


To all valued Canadian Customers:


Talkie Tooters have been sold in Canada for over 60 Years.  We have had a company owned service shop in Canada for about 40 of those years.  Although Talkie Tooter sales are doing very well in the US and New Zealand, it is still slow to recover in Canada.  Over the last 10 to 15 years, we have had to downsize our facilities in Delta, BC to the point of having one person, Syd, managing and operating the whole shop.  I decided several years ago we needed to provide service for our Canadian customers even if the Delta shop was operating at a loss.  I am very sorry to say, the time has finally come to close our doors in Delta.

We have many well trained service shops throughout Western Canada.  You will find a link below with a list of these shops.  We are shifting our efforts toward providing these shops with the support they need to take care of your Talkie Tooters.  Our Sedro Woolley, Washington home facilities will be providing parts and support to the Canadian shops.  We are working with the Canadian shops to make sure the transitition is as smooth as possible.  We know that crossing the border for repairs or ordering parts can be difficult and intimidating, so we will do our best to keep the convenience of Canadian service shops for you.

I assure you that Rothenbuhler Engineering and the Talkie Tooter Products will be around for many more years.  We are well diversified in our products and markets and are proactive on making changes as needed.  We will continue to design new products for the timber industry as well as the police, military and mining industries.  I encourage you to look at our website: and see what else we do.

As of November 18th we began referring repairs to other service shops.  We have several Rental sets of Grapple and Whistle systems that we will be offering for sale at great savings.  Please ask your local service shops about the availability of Rental sets through them. 

Thank you for being our customer and thank you for your understanding and support.

Neal Rothenbuhler


Rothenbuhler Engineering


Click here for a list of Service Shops